The cruise missile test, Kim Jong raises world's concern, fears of intensifying arms race


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has tested a long-range cruise missile amid rising tensions with the US. According to North Korean media, this missile has a range of 1500 km. Can shoot accurately. It will be the country's first missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Describing this missile as a strategic weapon, has been considered very important. It was tested on Saturday and Sunday by North Korea in its maritime zone.

Experts believe that after this test by North Korea, the arms race will increase rapidly in the region. The US Indo-Pacific Command has said that they were aware of this missile test and are coordinating with their allies.

After this test, it is believed that North Korea is speeding up the process of developing lethal weapons. The talks on North Korea's nuclear disarmament with the US in 2019 have been put on hold. North Korea's Workers' Party official also released photos of the missile in the party's newspaper.

Ankit Pandey of the US-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace says ballistic missile programs have not been of particular concern to the international community so far, as they are not banned under UN Security Council resolutions. But this is North Korea's first such cruise missile, which is strategically important. It is not yet clear whether North Korea has mastered it.