The civil war spread from remote areas to urban areas in Myanmar, rebels shot down an army helicopter


The attacks on Myanmar's airbases by unidentified people make it clear that Myanmar's civil war has now spread from the remotest remote areas to urban areas. No one has claimed responsibility for these attacks so far. But according to security analysis, these attacks are being carried out through the alliance of local rebels and urban democracy supporters.

According to the Asia Times report, this alliance is providing explosives, and information about the local situation in the main areas of Myanmar is also being received from these people. According to the newspaper report, if the analysts' assessment is accurate, then it is true that small attacks from local rebels are now shifting from small towns to big cities. In the last three months, the senior general of the Myanmar army has killed more than 750 people in these attacks.

Meanwhile, the local rebel Kachin Independence Army (KIA) is Myanmar's most powerful organization. The organization claimed to have killed a helicopter from the Myanmar army. Myanmar's army overthrew the elected government on February 1 and captured the power of the country.