The bank mistakenly deposited $ 50 billion in the person's account!


A family in the US state of Louisiana was shocked to learn that deposits of $50 billion were visible in their bank account.

Darren James, a real estate agent from Baton Rouge, and his wife briefly experienced billionaires when a bank mistakenly deposited money into their account.

James knew something was amiss when he got a call from his wife and told him that a large sum of money had been deposited in the bank.

James told Fox 11 that he knows the money is not his. He eventually called the bank and reported the bizarre incident and asked how and why the money was deposited in his account.

According to reports, the bank investigated the error but did not disclose where the money had come from.

The deposit was withdrawn from the account within a few days. However, they managed to take a picture of the deposit.

James said that if he was allowed to keep the money he would help those in need. His plans would also include a children's hospital.

For information, let us tell you that it is a standard procedure to correct a transaction after a bank error. In most cases, recipients of wrongful bank deposits are not entitled to keep the funds. People who spend money that is not theirs could face criminal charges.