The American public is not learning to live with the Coronavirus, but to die with it: Biden


Presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party said on Friday that the American public is learning not to live with the Kovid-19 but to die, and the things that America has faced in recent history have become smaller in the face of this epidemic. Has gone. He said that there are no signs of the weakening of the epidemic.

In a speech on the Coronavirus policy, he said that so far 20,000 American people have died, which is about 20 percent of the total deaths globally. His statement came a day after the last debate with US President Donald Trump.

Biden criticized Trump's policies in dealing with the coronavirus in his home state of Delaware, saying it had a fatal impact on the nation's economy. "President Trump said that it is coming to an end and the American people are learning to live with it," Biden said. This is all rhetoric. As I said last night we are learning not to live with it but to die. We have dangerous cold weather in front of us.

Former Vice President Biden said that everything that America has faced in recent history, they have become small in the face of this epidemic and there are no signs of weakening of the coronavirus. The number of infected is increasing in almost all states. He said that Trump has no action plan to fight it and as long as he remains the President, the situation will worsen.