The 16-year-old girl gave this powerful statement before Modi's speech in the UN, said - you ...


Through the 'Howdy Modi' show in the US city of Houston, PM Narendra Modi showed his strength to the world as a global leader. US President Donald Trump himself was also present with him. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has also reached America. After joining the Howdy Modi program, PM Narendra Modi arrived to participate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Before the speech of PM Narendra Modi at this conference, a 16-year-old girl gave such a powerful statement, which everyone present at the conference got emotional. She is an environmental activist from Sweden named Greta Thunberg. Greta said in her statement, "You have taken away our dreams and our childhood with your hollow words. I am still lucky but people are suffering, the whole ecosystem is being destroyed."

He went on to say, "You have failed us. The younger generation understands that you have tricked them. Today the eyes of the youth are resting on you and we will never forgive you if you fail us again. We made extinction." You are on the verge and you are talking about fictional stories of money and economic development. How did you dare? " It may be noted that Greta has given a clear message to the world with her statement that all have to take a pledge to protect the environment together. So that in future, the younger generation will not face difficulties.