Terrorists' boss of Pakistan rants against RSS and Hindutva in UNSC


Pakistan, under the terrorists, has termed the National Self-Service Association and Hindutva as a threat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The Pakistan that patronized Osama bin Laden; From Dawood Ibrahim, Masood Azhar to Hafiz Saeed, who has taken up the task of nurturing most of the world's most dreaded terrorists and their organizations, has called the RSS and Hindutva a threat to international peace and security.

Pakistan's ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, on Tuesday asked the 15-member Security Council to ban violent extremist supremacist groups like terrorist organizations. Pakistan, who shamelessly defended terrorism and the shedding of innocent blood, abused the international platform and even said that such organizations would lead to retaliatory violence.

"Such violent racist and extremist terrorism will inevitably promote counter-violence and validate the dystopian narrative of terrorist organizations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda," Akram said at UNSC. Akram also said that the Muslim population in India is being intimidated by the ideology of Hindutva. Afraid of the so-called grandson of the FATF giving funding to terrorism, the Pakistan envoy called the nationalist organization violent and demanded a moratorium on its funding.

Exposed to the world by the ban on many terrorist organizations based in Pakistan, Pakistan demanded that organizations like RSS be brought under the purview of the 1267 Sanctions Committee. Not being able to tolerate the peace of Kashmir, the Pakistan envoy also reiterated his veiled remarks about this state of India and said that the Indian Army is involved in war crimes against humanity here.

Significantly, whenever the pressure of action against terrorism increases in Pakistan, it starts calling its country's terrorists as social activists, then it tries unsuccessfully to paste the label of terrorism on social organizations. Prior to this, Imran Khan has also spewed venom against RSS many times.