Taunt of the Afghan Vice President : Said this by sharing the picture of the surrender of the Pak army in front of India


Top leaders of Afghanistan fighting the Taliban have already said that Pakistan is openly supporting the Taliban. Now Afghanistan's Vice President Amrullah Saleh has taunted Pakistan by sharing a picture.

The picture shared by the Afghan Vice President is a picture of the Pakistani Army surrendering to the Indian Army. Sharing this picture, Amrullah Saleh has written that 'There is no such picture in our history and never will be. Yes, I was shaken for a moment yesterday when the rocket passing over us fell a few meters away. Dear Twitter attackers of Pakistan, the Taliban, and terrorism will not heal your wound, the wound and the trauma that this picture will give you. Find some other way.'

Let us tell you that the picture shared by the Afghan Vice President is of Pakistan's miserably defeat at the hands of India in the 1971 war. In this battle, India had forced its enemies to Chew Nako Gram. After being badly beaten by India, Pakistan had accepted its defeat in this battle.

This picture is taken after Pakistan conceded defeat. At that time, more than 80 thousand soldiers of Pakistan had surrendered to save their lives, assuming India's valor and courage. The Army Chief of Pakistan had signed the surrender papers in front of the Indian Army Chief. By sharing this picture related to the defeat of Pakistan, the Afghan Vice President has made Pakistan water-water.

Significantly, since the war with the Taliban, Afghanistan has been accusing Pakistan of giving aid to the Taliban. Recently, the Afghan Vice President said that Pakistan has openly declared that if Afghanistan opposes the Taliban then it will have to face the consequences.

Recently, the Taliban tried to target the presidential residence in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan and fired three rockets. Although no one was hurt in the rocket attack, the Vice President of Afghanistan has told the hand of Pakistan behind this rocket attack. Afghanistan has already made it clear that it will not bow down to the Taliban under any circumstances. Afghanistan has spoken of fighting the Taliban till its last breath.