Talent not lockdown: musician trapped in sea, built a radio station in one day


Coronavirus has affected the lives of millions of people in the world. However, there are some who are patiently searching for their path in the midst of all the difficulties. One of them is Juan Jade, a 40-year-old musician. Traveling by ship has been a part of Juan's life for four years.

Juan was hired by the Close Operator and Australia to entertain the riders but has now been forced to travel for two months in a ship that has no rides. He does not even see the hope of returning home. Juan's home is in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

He says, at least I am able to see the rising sun every day. I am thankful for this but now I want to return home and see my children. The ship on which Juan is stranded is named Pacific Explorer. It is one of 20 ships stranded in the Gulf of Manila, Philippines. This place has become like a big sea parking. Ship crew members have to follow strict social distance rules. The temperature of the few people riding on it is checked twice a day.

Juan believes that he is in a better position according to what people are facing in other ships. We are doing a lot of recreational activities on our ship. Running fitness programs to help people get out of this situation. We are also running a radio station, I present one of them. Juan is also spending time making music videos that he puts on social media. He named it 'Ghost Ship' because of the desperation of the ship.

Such a trapped ship in the sea

The corona infection was reported when the Australian ship Pacific Explorer was en route to Singapore. Juan recalls, "Three days had passed since we left Sydney when the captain announced that we were returning to the port." Even after all the passengers landed, crew members were asked to stay on the ship.

Juan says - Although we work for an Australian company, the British flag was officially installed on our ship.

Eventually, the ship was allowed into the Gulf of Manila as most crew members were from the Philippines. Bad conditions arose when the storm of Ambo began to be heard over the coastal area of ​​the Philippines. He forced the ship to swim again in the water.