Sweden incurs a major threat by not implementing lockdown, the highest recorded death rate in the world


Sweden is once again in discussions. The first lockdown was in the news due to relaxation, now Corona is in the news due to infection. This small North European country with a population of 10 million had a strange strategy for Kovid-19. Nominal lockdown implemented. Primary schools remain open. The bar and restaurant saw the full movement of the people. Citizens strolled in the park. The government has mocked all the guidelines that were issued by the World Health Organization, and now the policymakers are regretting it.

'Biggest mistake not to lockdown'

Sweden's top health expert Anders Tegenel, in gestures, admits that he made a big mistake by not advising the country to lockdown. The mistake led to Corona cases and led to many deaths. In fact, two weeks have also happened in the past month, when the death rate from Corona in Sweden was the highest in the world. Tegenel is Sweden's state epidemiologist and head of the Corona Affairs Response Team. Teignel said in an interview with Swedish Radio that the world will consider what we did and what we did about Corona. Everything we did need a lot of improvement. Teignel said in April that more deaths from Corona would be due to staying at home because social distancing could not follow.

Maximum 2214 cases received in one day on June 3

The situation in Sweden was believed to be under control when the Corona epidemic dominated the whole of Europe, but cases began to increase rapidly in Sweden from April. Whereas the situation of other countries started improving. Sweden has twice the population than Norway, but the number of cases is quadrupled. Sweden has a population of about ten million. There have been 40,803 cases of the corona. While it has caused 4,542 deaths. Separately, strict lockdowns have resulted in fewer people being infected and fewer deaths in Sweden's other neighboring countries Denmark and Finland. Since 7 May, daily increases in Sweden have been consistently higher than most affected countries in Europe. On June 3, 2214 cases were registered in a single day.

The process of death is not stopping now

A large proportion of deaths in Sweden have come from care homes designed to care for the elderly. As of May 24, the country's per capita mortality rate was the sixth in the world. 384 for every million, but in the last seven days, in Sweden, with 322 deaths, 46 people die per day. According to another scientific online publication Ourworldindata.com, Sweden had the highest number of solid-19 deaths per person in the world in the last seven days as of June 2. The ratio of the country's total population was 5.29 deaths per day, followed by Britain (4.48). How Prime Minister Stephen Lofven, a former welder and trade unionist who heads the Social Democratic Party, views these deaths, would be understandable as his government called the lockdown an unscientific and futile measure. The Swedish government at the time said, 'Lockdowns harm the people and the economy'.