Sweden : 8 skydivers and pilot killed in plane crash


An airplane crashed in the city of Orebro in Sweden. The pilot and 8 skydivers were on board. All 8 skydivers and the pilot have died in the accident.

According to Sweden's Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC), it was a small propeller plane that crashed 160 km west of Stockholm near Orebro Airport.

JRCC said it found the plane on the runway. The plane crashed while taking off. A total of 9 people were aboard the Vimana.

Police spokesman Lars Heidelin said several people had died, although he did not give the exact number. The spokesman said one person who was badly injured was taken to the hospital.

In 2019 too, a similar plane crash occurred in the city of Ume in northeast Sweden, in which 9 people died.