Swayambhu Guru jailed for 120 years for made sexually slaves to women in America


The self-proclaimed guru Keith Rainier, who has made many followers including billionaires and Hollywood actors under the banner of an organization called NXIVM in the US, has been sentenced to 120 years in prison by a New York court. The 60-year-old guru has been convicted by the court of racket and running a sect or creed to make women sexual slaves. Keith will now be in jail for life.

New York court convicts Keith Rainier of racketeering

Keith Rainier has been accused by several women of seducing him into a sexual slave (Sachs Slave). Through his organization NXIVM, this guru used to attract rich and influential women devotees and forcibly build relationships with them. The court found him guilty of coercing women with the guise of running a self-help group society.

Keith used to take $ 5,000 from followers for a 5-day self-help course and most of them financially and sexually abused the devotees. All members in her organization were women except Keith Rainier, who held the top position himself. On Tuesday, 13 women, including 15 people, recorded their statements in a Brooklyn court, while more than 90 victims wrote letters to Judge Nicholas Grafuis to express their distress.

Kept women like animals

Sexual slave women were asked to forcibly form relationships with Keith. They were blackmailed by showing personal information and intimate photos. Many women were kept like animals so that others might be scared to see it. In June 2019, the court convicted Kenneth in seven cases. It formed the NXIVM organization in 1998.

Judges also get angry due to the lawyer's argument

Judge Nicholas Grafuis became impatient after the victim's statements for two and a half hours. He was angered when defense lawyer Mark Agnifillo portrayed his client's organization as doing good for women. The judge said expressing anger, how do you talk. Keith Rainier has sexually exploited many people.