Success: Astronauts landed in the sea after 53 years


After spending six months at the International Space Center, four astronauts brought the Space Dragon's crew Dragon capsule back to Earth on Sunday. The special thing is that after 53 years, the US space agency NASA made the astronauts landing in the sea.

The capsule was launched in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida. It took 6:30 hours from the ISS to reach the Gulf of Mexico, near Panama City, from the space research company Space-X of well-known Rais Elon Musk.

The entire process was broadcast live by NASA. Through night vision images and signals, the capsule was recovered in 30 minutes. Earlier in 1968, this was done 53 years ago, on 27 December 1968, NASA's mission Apollo 8 was launched in the Pacific Ocean in a similar way.