Study Revealed: The virus is spreading in the air through the breath, songs, and speech of the infected


With more than two lakhs infected per day in the country, there is another worrying news, a new study published in the medical journal Lancet provides strong evidence that the corona is spreading through the air.

In this, six experts from the US, UK, and Canada warned that if the infection is not isolated, it can cause people to get infected by air. University of Colorado scientist Jose Luis Jimenez, who was involved in the study, claimed that there was complete evidence of an outbreak of airborne infection.

According to the scientists, the spread of air means that when the infected person talks, breathes, shouts, sings, or coughs and sneezes, he is passing the virus on to others.

40% of non-symptomatic infections spread

Non-symptomatic infected spread 40 percent of the infection. They do not cough or sneeze, causing large water droplets and infecting others. The infection spread silently through these infected, which is possible only through the air.

Don't be late now

According to Greenhouse, there is strong evidence of the virus spreading in the air. Keeping this in mind, safety measures should be taken and there is no need to delay. Co-author of the study Prof. Kimble Prather said that one should not be surprised that the corona is spreading through the air.

Lesson for rescue

An infected person is infecting everyone in closed rooms, homes, offices, and other workplaces. Keep ventilation mandatory at these places.

Do not crowd the house.

Wear a mask at home too, apply a quality mask.

PPE kits and masks should be provided to health workers. They should not have a place to penetrate the air.