Strict restrictions of the government remain in force after fears of rising Corona threat in Singapore


Considering the growing threat of Kovid-19 in other countries, Singapore has tightened its restrictions further. Under this, strict restrictions have been placed on public activity and solidarity. Education Minister Lawrence Wong says that under the new rules from Sunday, the number of members in the group has been reduced from five to two.

The decision of the government to tighten the restrictions has been taken after the cases at the International Changi Airport in Singapore. A local channel has reported that 46 people have been found corona positive at Singapore Airport. In this way, this airport is the fastest emerging of the 11 active clusters in Singapore.

Wong says that the government wants people to leave at least and even if they have to go to get some goods, only two people go out. He has also said that no person should leave without any reason. When journalists asked him whether the corona infection in Singapore was going to accelerate, the apprehension could not be ruled out if the situation was not right. Therefore strict restrictions are very important.

If such a situation arises, the government will have to take tough measures. Wong says that it is the responsibility of all of us to work to eliminate such apprehension and take full precautions. Also strictly follow the Kovid-19 rules. At least people gather outside the house. It has also been said by the government that people should take full care of their elders