Strange weather: snow cover in the Sahara Desert, the temperature reached minus 2 degrees after 50 years


Snowfall occurs around the world during January, but it is not frequent in the deserts of Africa and the Middle East, but this time the Sahara Desert has also been covered with snow and the temperature in Saudi Arabia has reached minus two degrees. Pictures of snow sheets on the sand in the Sahara desert are becoming quite viral on social media. People are calling it a strange mood of the season.

According to the information, photographer Karim Bocheta has posted pictures of the snow-covered Sahara desert on social media. However, locals and foreign nationals of Saudi Arabia are enjoying the snow in the desert. The small Algerian desert town of Ain Sefra appeared completely covered in snow in pictures posted by Karim. In these pictures, sheep were seen roaming the snow-clad hills.

Please tell that Ain Sefra, about one thousand meters above sea level and surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, is considered the main gate of the desert. Significantly, much of North Africa is surrounded by the Sahara Desert, which has been in the news for hundreds of thousands of years due to its temperature and humidity.

Significantly, Ain Sefra is still dry, but scientists claim that this desert can be green once again for 15 thousand years. Explain that the snowfall in Asir province of Saudi Arabia has created an atmosphere of happiness and curiosity among the locals. He says that the white layer of snow has climbed both the mountain and the sand here.

According to media reports, the region recorded such a low temperature after nearly 50 years. During this period, the mercury has dropped to 2 ° C in the southwestern region. During this time, people are sharing many pictures of camel riding in the snowy desert on social media.