Story of winning the battle with Covid-19 now included in China's school course


China will now teach its success in overcoming the Corona epidemic in schools. China's Ministry of Education has approved the prepared text for this. Aspects related to this success will be included in the subjects of Biology, Health and Physical Education, History, and Literature in primary and secondary schools.

The ministry said that this would make it easier for students to understand that the Communist Party and the Chinese government always give top priority to people's lives and their safety. The ministry said that students will be told about the main aspects encountered during the epidemic control efforts and the work done at that time. They will be told what are the advantages of China's own special socialist model.

By reading this, students will understand the humanitarian priorities of the communist government - Ministry

It is clear from the statement of the Ministry that the students will be informed about the merits of the government initiative. But the efforts made to hide it in the early days of the epidemic and the efforts made to silence the health workers speaking about it will not be discussed in it. During that time the behavior of the Chinese government was suspicious. That is why in the last meeting of the World Health Organization, it was decided to conduct an international investigation into the situation of the origin of the virus. But Chinese students will be informed about this, there are no indications of this.

Still sporadic cases of Kovid-19 in China, fear of Corona wave coming again in winter

However, it is true that China has largely controlled the corona epidemic. Recently there have been sporadic cases of corona infection. In such cases, Chinese authorities enforced local lockdowns and tested everyone, and isolated the infected persons. But the disease has finally been controlled, it is too early to say.

China's National Development and Reform Commission itself has sent an order to the local governments asking them to give proper advice to the families. They have been told that there will be an increased risk of Kovid-19 and flu judgment in winter. For that time, families should shop for essentials.

China took precautionary measures in many provinces, instructing people to be vigilant

In Guangdong Province, the Health Commission has released a list of 33 such items, which have been advised to families to purchase. These range from things like face masks, anti-bacterial swabs to biscuits, and water bottles. Similar orders have also been issued in Beijing, Jinan, Ningbo, and many other cities. There are reports that hospitals across the country are preparing a stock of essentials.

Apart from this, stadiums, exhibition halls, and some other public places are being built so that they can be used as quarantine centers when needed. Officials in every district in Zhejiang Province have been ordered to keep at least two such large sites ready in each city to be immediately converted into a medical center in an emergency.

Of course, such preparations are probably not being done in any other country in the world. This can be called the quality of the Chinese government. But while such threats still remain, his view of unilaterally teaching his success in schools has been questioned in many quarters. Coronavirus originated in China.

Then there were 86,070 cases in which 4,634 people died. Till Tuesday, there were 49 corona positive cases, out of which 44 people came from abroad. 61 non-symptomatic cases of mass testing have also been reported in the country recently.