Sri Lanka serial blast: IS releases photos of attackers involved in Blasts


Islamic State took responsibility for the serial blasts in Sri Lanka on Tuesday morning. Now the terrorist organization has released photographs and videos of terrorists involved in the attack. It is said on the photographs issued by the IS that the people appearing in it have carried out this attack. More than 320 people have died in these blasts so far. While more than 500 people are injured.

Colombo's terrorist attack in Sri Lanka was one of the most deadly foreign invasions of IS. IS's campaign agency Amaq News Agency said that "the executors of the attack that targeted citizens of coalition states and Christians in Sri Lanka two days ago were with the group".

In 2014, the Peace-Leaving Muslims in Sri Lanka i.e. PLMMSL also wanted to ban this organization and for this, they also wrote a letter to the United Nations, United Nations Human Rights, the President of Sri Lanka and many other diplomats. It said that the National Tauhid Jamaat wants to spread intolerance in the country as well as instability in Islamic movements.

On Tuesday, the Sri Lanka Police issued another alert. According to the Sri Lankan police, jihadis are in turmoil to attack again in Colombo. Sri Lanka Police has issued this alert after intelligence inputs from Indian security agencies.

It is worth mentioning that in the many parts of the country, including the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, eight bomb blasts were targeted at church and hotels on the holy day of Easter. In these blasts, at least 320 people have died so far, while more than 500 people are injured. So far, 13 accused have been arrested by the police. The government has said that most of the blasts were suicidal. Among the dead, there are 35 foreign nationals, including Indians and Pakistanis.