Sri Lanka became the new slave of the dragon : Chinese soldiers seen working in Colombo, people protested


To carry out its expansionist policy, China first gives loans and then takes possession. After Pakistan, Sri Lanka is also completely trapped in the debt trap of China. China is slowly taking over the infrastructure of Sri Lanka. Recently some Chinese soldiers have been seen in the Sri Lankan city of Colombo. These soldiers in army uniform were removing the debris accumulated in a pond in Hambantota. After this, the people there have started opposing China.

According to media reports, some Chinese people were recently seen clearing debris in an ancient pond in Hambantota, and the uniforms they wore matched the Chinese military uniform. After this, once again China's interference in Sri Lanka has been exposed. Recently, China has also taken possession of the Colombo Port City Project for 99 years.

According to the report, it is against Sri Lankan laws to have Chinese soldiers in uniform seen removing debris. However, the Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka, which is habitually present in Sri Lanka, has denied the allegations and said that wearing such clothes is common.

What is the law of Sri Lanka?

According to Sri Lankan law, wearing a uniform for people who are not serving in the army is also prohibited. On this, that person can be arrested and punished.

Chinese army stationed in Pakistan

Earlier in Pakistan too, China has deployed many military companies to monitor the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. According to the report of True Cyclone, it should not be a surprise to Sri Lanka if China deploys its troops to monitor Hambantota like ordinary citizens.

Permission not taken from Sri Lankan administration

According to the report, there is a lot of evidence that proves that the uniforms worn by the people belonged to the Chinese army. Not only this but the work of digging the debris was also done without taking approval from the Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka. As soon as the footage went viral, the work was allowed to stop.

Sri Lanka's opposition parties have surrounded the government in the country regarding foreigners present in Chinese military uniforms. Sri Lankan parliamentarian and field marshal, Sarath Fonseca, has expressed displeasure over this, saying that the soldiers and officers of the Chinese army are working inside the country. Let us tell you that the Government of Sri Lanka had signed an agreement with China on the Colombo Port City Project a few days ago. China has got the responsibility of preparing Colombo Port City and its operation will also remain with Beijing for 99 years. People will be able to come and go to this city only with the permission of China. Opponents have called this project against the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan government defended

Sri Lanka's cabinet spokesman Keheliya Rambukwela dismissed reports of Chinese military presence in the country. He claimed that the uniform worn by Chinese workers on June 29 was similar to that of Sri Lankan workers working in a local workshop.