Sputnic V: Is the first corona vaccine fake? Big revelations revealed from documents, staggering truth revealed


Russia claims to have created the world's first corona vaccine. President Vladimir Putin announced his acceptance of the vaccine on Tuesday, confirming his daughter was also vaccinated. A lot of questions are already being raised before vaccine registration. Scientists of the UK, US, Germany, etc. and the World Health Organization have objected to the vaccine. Now there have been many revelations from the documents presented during its registration. According to the documents, there was no complete clinical study on the safety of the vaccine.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, only 38 volunteers were given vaccine doses during 42 days during the trial, while no information has been revealed on the third phase of the trial. Russia claimed to have seen no serious side effects of the vaccine, while documents submitted during registration showed that 31 out of 38 people showed 144 types of side effects.

The World Health Organization alleges that Russia has not followed the guidelines for the preparation of the vaccine, so it is difficult to believe the success of this vaccine. Not only WHO, but experts in many countries are also questioning this vaccine. They say that it is not right to ignore the guidelines and bring the vaccine. This will affect people's health. Russia has said the success of the vaccine while avoiding all the allegations.

Russia's Ministry of Defense claims that there has been a better immunity in the volunteers during the vaccine trial and no negative side effects have occurred.

According to the documents, the truth is something else. In those who were given the vaccine, problems such as increased body temperature, fever, body pain were seen. Itching and swelling occurred in the part of the body where the vaccine was administered. At the same time, side effects like headache, diarrhea, sore throat, loss of appetite, and fatigue were common in the volunteers.

The question is also:

Until two days before the Russian Defense Ministry said that we are ahead of others in the vaccine race several months. Three more trials will be conducted on a larger scale in the same month. And then suddenly after registration on August 11, President Putin said that all the necessary trials related to the vaccine have been completed.

Russia has not yet presented the scientific data related to all the trials of the vaccine. Whether or not the third phase is tried is also unclear.

It was on these lines that World Health Organization spokesman Christian Lindmire said during a press briefing that if a license is issued for the production of a vaccine without a Phase III trial, it is a dangerous situation. According to the documents, all the trials conducted are completed within just 42 days, whereas it is a long process.

The Russian Ministry of Defense says the vaccine is safe, but what is its basis?

Data, effects, and important information about all vaccine candidates are being shared worldwide, but this is not the case with Russian vaccines. Only the statements related to the trial have come out. The results of the vaccine trial were not published in the Scientific Journal. The WHO has stated that guidelines for vaccine production are set, but Russia has not followed it.

The difference in the statement of the Russian government and the vaccine institute

The Gamaliel National Research Center, which prepares the vaccine, said that fever could come after the vaccine was given, but it could be easily cured by giving a paracetamol tablet. But on Tuesday, the Russian government gave a statement that the trial no longer showed any side effects. President Putin said that when his daughter was given the first dose of vaccine, the body temperature first increased by one degree and then decreased. He claims that antibodies have increased in his daughter's body.

The document states that the side effects of the vaccine are not limited to fever only. Russia's news agency Fotanka reports that volunteers have a long list of side effects seen in their bodies. At the same time, now Gamalaya Research Center says that based on the research done on so few people, it is difficult to say what side effects will be seen clearly.

According to the documents, vaccine trials were conducted on 38 volunteers, with 144 side-effects. Even on the 42nd day of the trial, 31 out of 38 volunteers were suffering from various side effects. At the same time, there are 27 types of side effects, because of which the institute that makes the vaccine is also not understood.

President Putin on Tuesday gave an example of his daughter, claiming that after taking the vaccine dose, the daughter had a significant amount of antibodies. Whereas, according to the documents, volunteers gave less than average levels of antibodies after the vaccine dose was given. There are many dubious claims whose truth is different. It is for this reason that experts are questioning this vaccine.

Experts from all over the world are raising questions

Professor Francua Balloux of University College London says that ignoring the guidelines and bringing the vaccine to Russia is a wrong and shameful decision. Large scale vaccination of people will be played with their health. The United States and Britain have also questioned this vaccine. Britain has even said that it will not use this vaccine in its country.