Singapore : Even after vaccination, 75 percent of the people came in the grip of the virus


The vaccine against corona is very effective. This can be avoided from getting seriously ill, this is being confirmed by the cases of the infection being found in Singapore. Here 75 percent of the people who got infected within the last four weeks have been vaccinated. Due to the vaccination, he did not become seriously ill.

With this, one thing became more clear that the infection of the virus cannot be stopped by just vaccinating, for this it will be necessary to follow the covid-compliant behavior.

During the last 28 days, 1,096 people were infected locally, out of which 44 percent i.e. 484 people had received the full dose of vaccine, 30 percent took partial dose while 25 percent did not take the vaccine.

Here eight cases were found to be very serious, which required oxygen. He did not get vaccinated. Experts say that getting infected after getting vaccinated does not mean that the vaccines are not effective and effective.

On the other hand, Singapore has postponed the National Day Parade from August 9 to 21 due to rising cases of Kovid-19 and the country will organize only one ceremonial parade to commemorate its 56th Independence Day.

Let us tell you that Singapore is preparing to live a normal life with the coronavirus. For this, a vision paper has been prepared there. Singapore had formed a three-member Kovid-19 task force. The task force in its report now suggested the elimination of lockdown and contact tracing measures.

Along with this, he has also proposed to allow quarantine-free travel and all kinds of social interactions. It is noteworthy that this document has been issued at a time when restrictions are being strictly enforced in many countries of Southeast Asia due to the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

The task force has suggested that the daily count of new corona infections be abolished. According to experts, the approach of the task force is in stark contrast to the approach adopted in other countries of moving towards zero infection. In the zero infection model, strict quarantine rules and other restrictions are adopted.