Silent world media on the violence of the Islamic world, the need to put the political-religious thought system in the dock


Mas-Israeli fighting appears to be on again as Israel's new government bombs the Gaza Strip, saying Hamas is releasing incendiary balloons into its territory. With this, voices have started rising against Israel in the Islamic world, but these voices remain silent when there is a massacre in Afghanistan. These days the situation in Afghanistan seems to be getting very bad again. The situation is getting worse there since Eid. Hardly a day goes by when a large number of innocent-unarmed Muslims are not killed.

In the past, five polio workers were also killed. Last month, 90 schoolgirls and others were killed in a bomb attack on a school in Kabul, but surprisingly, the Afghanistan massacre doesn't make much headway in the world's media. In contrast, footage of a deceased Muslim girl in Gaza, with names and names, went on for days in the media around the world. Why such a strange quirk? Is it only because Muslims killed hundreds of innocent Muslims in Afghanistan?

It is not only in Afghanistan that children and women become victims of violence. This happens in other countries as well, where only Muslims kill Muslims. A few years ago, the Tehrik-Taliban killed more than a hundred school children and several other teachers and staff by planting a time bomb on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. The calculation was the same: the children who died were Muslims and those who killed were also Muslims. It is also routine in Pakistan to kill countless innocent Muslims annually by attacking mosques. According to Balochistan Shia leader Syed Dawood Agha, we have become just a grave-digging community. They come in front of our mosques and keep giving calls to kill them.

Even in Iraq a few years ago, Islamic State attacked a prison and selected all the Shias, and loaded them into trucks. Their number was 679. They were taken to a secluded place and shot. That is, about seven hundred Muslims were killed in one go. It is here also to remember the scene when small innocent Muslim children were armed with time bombs, remote suicide bombings were carried out at important places. This has happened in many countries in the last two decades. Such acts have always been done by jihadis, but there is never any hue and cry in the world on such horrific massacres that poor innocent Muslims were killed. Europe, America far away, even in the Muslim countries themselves, there is no reaction to this. Nor are campaigners in the human rights industry ever seen beating his head. Everyone remains insensitive.

The matter is very clear that the Muslim tribes and leaders do not give importance to the lives of Muslims. This situation is not only for some fundamentalists. The rulers of Muslim countries, so-called liberal Muslim intellectuals, leaders, etc. also do not think anything about this. No one is ever heard to be concerned over these routine killings by Muslims against other Muslims. The main reason for such silence is to defend Islamic sectarianism. If an analysis of jihadi attacks on girls' schools, beauty parlors, hospitals, etc. is done, it will come out that all these are done in the name of Islam.

According to Islam, a girl cannot leave the house alone after the age of 11-12 years. Then the girl has to go out only with such a man of the family, with whom marriage is forbidden. Like father, real brother, etc. The same rule holds for married Muslim women as well. Only aged women who have crossed the age of childbearing are exempted from this. That is why the Taliban or Islamic State attacks girls' schools, colleges because according to them it is against Islam for girls to be with boys who do not forbid their marriage. Due to this law, girls are prohibited to go to school, work outside, make friendship, etc. If a Muslim girl or woman goes out of the house alone to go to school, hospital, or office, then she is violating Islamic laws. Punishing them is justified from an Islamic point of view.

That's what Taliban or Islamic State squads do. They keep killing Muslims to implement Islam. Whatever be its form. For example, Islam also forbids women to adorn themselves. That is why the Taliban destroy beauty parlors in areas under their rule or influence. According to the Taliban or Islamic State, millions of Muslims around the world are also guilty of kufr on many issues. Therefore, Islamic law deserves the death penalty. In the same category, there are all Shias, Hazra, Bahá'í, Yazidis, Ahmadiyya, etc., who have tried to remove or add to it, change even a little bit from Islamic law. So, radical Islamic organizations themselves regularly kill other Muslims in Muslim countries as well.

All Muslim scholars also consider Islam as immutable as a rock. Therefore, all actions on the part of Islamic organizations are also more or less the same. The incidents in different countries ranging from Gaza to Nigeria, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. are more or less the same. Same complaints, same exploits. The conclusion of all is that Muslims themselves are the first victims of Islamic sectarianism. They are used as cheap fuel to increase or maintain, the political dominance of Islam in the world. At least non-Muslims should pay attention to this. They should put in the dock the entire politico-religious thought system, which annually sacrifices thousands of innocent people, in the interest of themselves and the common Muslims as well.