Sex racket running during quarantine in the hotel, danger of infection spreading in thousands


A large sex racket has been uncovered in the city of Victoria, Australia. In some hotels here, girls were being provided to the people staying in Quarantine. So far 31 people belonging to only one hotel have been found infected. After this whole incident came to light, a judicial inquiry has been set up for investigation.

According to a CNN report, most of the accused are international contract workers who arrived in the country and stayed in hotels under the Quarantine rules. All of them were given strict orders to follow social distancing, although not only did they form relationships among themselves, but they were also made available to girls from outside due to the connivance of the hotel. According to the information received, this entire sex scandal was going on from May to the end of June and through this thousands of people are expected to be infected.

Explain that since the outbreak of the Corona infection, strict quarantine rules were in place in Australia and it was mandatory for everyone except the citizens of the country coming from abroad to stay in hotels for 14 days. These hotels were arranged by the Australian Government. The sex racket was revealed at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Melbourne and 31 people have been found infected so far. Apart from this, the names of the Swanton Hotel and three other hotels have also come up during the investigation of this case.

Investigations have revealed that the people of Quarantine have made connections with other guests staying in the hotel and in many places girls from outside also came. However, in this entire case, hotels have to say that this case is being exaggerated without any reason. There are only 2 cases in which the rules have been violated.