Search continues for more than 133 survivors from the Germany floods


At least 133 people have died in floods triggered by heavy rains in West Germany. At the same time, the search is on for those missing due to heavy rains and strong winds in the flood-affected parts of Germany.

Rescue workers are trying

Heavy rains have caused flooding in West Germany. Many people have lost their lives in the floods. While the torrential rain left many people missing. Rescue workers are searching for people missing in the flood. Let us tell you that rescue workers are searching for survivors in flood-affected parts of West Germany on Saturday. At the same time, the water level in the towns remained high. Along with this, the havoc of this horrific natural disaster is continuing. People's houses are getting destroyed in this heavy rain and storm.

What the police have to say

Giving details of torrential rains in West Germany, police said on Saturday that at least 133 people had died in the floods, including some 90 in the Ahrweiler district, south of Cologne. Hundreds of people are still missing.

Heavy flood effect

The effect of this severe flood in Germany is horrific in the then situation, but with it, this flood has affected most of the Rhineland Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia states, due to which the electricity and communication facilities of entire communities have been disrupted. Has occurred. This severe flood of natural disaster has also engulfed parts of Belgium and the Netherlands. At least 20 people have been reported dead in Belgium so far.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and North Rhine-Westphalia's head of state, Armin Lachette, were to visit Erfstadt, one of the hardest-hit cities, on Saturday to see the deep impact the floods had on Germany Given this, this tour has also been canceled. Let us tell you that scientists had already foreseen the crisis of this natural disaster. This was the reason why scientists have long said that climate change will lead to heavy rains. But it will take at least several weeks to determine its role in these relentless rains, scientists said on Friday.