Scientific research : malnourished people are at higher risk of death from corona virus


Coronavirus is fatal for those with weak immunity. In the latest study published in Scientific Reports, scientists say that children or adults who have ever been malnourished are more likely to go on ventilator support if they catch a corona infection, along with a higher risk of death.

Scientists study 8604 children and 94,495 adults

Lead researcher Lewis Ehvermufa and his team studied the medical records of 8,604 children in the US and 94,495 adults over the age of 18 who were hospitalized to find out. It was found that 520 children i.e. 6 percent had serious infection problems.

Similarly, an infection caused severe complications in 11,423 adults who had once suffered from malnutrition. According to scientists, children above the age of five years and adults above the age of 79 years who were once malnourished have more serious health problems due to corona infection. Scientists argue that malnutrition may be a major cause of death in the epidemic.