Saudi Arabian women's rights activist Lujain Al Hathlol released from prison after 1001 days


One of Saudi Arabia's women's rights activists, Lujain Al Hathlaul, was released from prison on Wednesday after nearly three years. His family gave this information. 31-year-old Lujain insisted on lifting the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia and was sentenced to nearly six years in prison last December under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Lujain remained in jail for 1001 days in which he had to remain in custody before trial. They were accused of agitating for change and advancing foreign agendas. At the same time, human rights organizations called it politically motivated. His sister Leena Hull Hathlol tweeted, 'Lujain is in the house'.

He told his family that he was tortured and sexually abused in prison. Riyadh has consistently denied these allegations. His detention was condemned by the United Nations and global human rights groups. According to the statement issued by Hathlol's family, he was sentenced to five years and eight months in jail by the Special Criminal Court in Riyadh last December. It includes a two-year and 10-month suspension.

According to the family's statement, Hathoul will remain on probation for three years despite release. During this time he can be arrested for any illegal activity. His travel has been banned for five years. Her release comes at a time when less than a week ago the White House asked the Kingdom for her release of political prisoners, including women rights activists. US President Joe Biden vowed to pressure Saudi Arabia to improve its record of rights.