Saudi Arabia now merciful, just 27 death penalty cases in 2020


There has been a steep decline in the death penalty figures in 2020 in Saudi Arabia, maligned to punish large numbers of people. In comparison to 184 cases in 2019, there are only 27 cases in 2020 in which capital punishment was given.

According to Amnesty International, there has been an 85 percent drop in death cases in 2020. Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Commission said on Monday, "These cases have come down after the death penalty for drug-related offenses. A new law was introduced in 2020 to ban capital punishment for such crimes. '

But these new guidelines have not been published in public and it is not yet clear whether the law has been changed under a state order as usual. Behind all these changes is the 34-year-old Prince of Saudi, Mohammed bin Salman, who is supported by his father King Salman.

Rajkumar is trying to modernize the country, bring foreign investment in the country as well as rebuild the economy. In this effort, he has brought many reforms, due to which the strength of the ultra-orthodox Wahabis has been curbed.

Ban on these punishments too

The provision of capital punishment was also lifted in Saudi Arabia last year for crimes committed by minors. Apart from this, the judges were also ordered that the punishment for whipping in public should also be discontinued and instead of jail, fine, or community service.