Russia's vaccine questioned! Only 38 people tested, 144 kinds of side effects


Russia may have announced the creation of the world's first coronavirus vaccine and many countries have ordered to buy it, but questions remain as to whether it is effective and safe.

Scientists around the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO), have raised serious questions about the Russian Vaccine Sputnik-V, according to a report in the Daily Mail that only 38 volunteers were given the dose of this vaccine in 42 days in the name of the trial Apart from this, it has also come out that Russia is not ready to give any information on the third phase of the trial, WHO has also raised this question.

The Russian government claims that there are no side effects other than a mild fever, while documents show that 144 types of side effects have been seen in 38 volunteers. The biggest question is that Russia has not yet shared the vaccine information with the WHO, so the organization has expressed doubt that Russia has not followed the guidelines for making the vaccine and therefore does not want to give the information.