Rochak News: this person is corona positive for 1 year, the virus has made his body a structure of bones!


The coronavirus has been causing worldwide devastation since early 2020. It attacks those people who have the lowest immunity. Many people have lost their lives by falling prey to it, while some people have returned to their homes after recovering. But today we are going to tell you about a person who has been corona positive for the last year.

We are talking about Jason Calc, who lives in Leeds, UK, who has been corona infected since last year and has been undergoing treatment since April last year. Despite medications and care, Jason is still corona infected. His wife shared the picture of her husband's year-long war with the people and showed his condition to the world.

Jason is an IT teacher at Primary School and was raised in Corona in April last year. He had an infection in his chest. He was put on the ventilator within 48 hours of being admitted. He has since been admitted to the hospital and has not yet recovered from Corona.

Jason has been declared the UK's longest corona patient at Leeds Hospital. His body is now very weak and Jason starts having vomiting after eating anything. This virus has rotten him even to the stomach. Many patients in the UK have fought the virus for the past several months.

Regarding Jason's condition, the doctors said that his kidney langs have completely deteriorated and he starts vomiting after eating. Jason is very weak. Jason's family members are connected to him through video calls. Everyone wonders how he is still alive.