Riot in Herat prison in Afghanistan, eight killed!


At least eight prisoners have died in a riot in a prison in western Afghanistan. The officials of the province gave this information on Thursday. According to Mohammad Rafiq Shirazi, spokesman of the province's health department, he died on Wednesday night in a jail in Herat, the capital of western Herat province.

He said 12 other people were injured in Hisa including eight prisoners and four security personnel. About two thousand prisoners are kept in jail.

The Taliban were not confirmed to have been behind Hissa at the time. Jilani Farhad, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said that the jail's security personnel were removing the alleged division created by prisoners in block five of the jail when HISA erupted.

He said that the police tried to take some unnecessary things near the prisoners, which was opposed by the inmates.

Shirazi said that one in eight people died of a bullet. He said that the investigation of the case is going on. A province official said on condition of anonymity that the inmates set fire to a part of the jail. This has not been confirmed by Farhad and Shirazi.