Revealed: hypersonic warhead just imagination, failed to hit the target


The US, Russia, and China forces have questioned the claims of proteasomal type of hypersonic warhead. Research has revealed that these modern weapons that attack the enemy at the speed of sound have failed the test.

Revealed: Failed Superweapon or Modern Weapon Trial Attacking Enemies at Sound Speed

Scientists have termed the use of such sophisticated weapons a blank. US forces have dismissed this research as useless. Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researcher has recently published Science and Global Security.

Physicist and research researcher, Dr. David Wright, says that superweapons are just mirage. At the same time, US military officials have described the research based on old data. At the same time, physicist L. Garvin, who was a long-time adviser to the US government, has called this research paper serious.

What are hypersonic warheads?

The hypersonic warhead is the most powerful in combat. In this, it is possible to attack up to 8.4 km away from nuclear or other weapons in 1 second. Hypersonic vehicles move 5 times faster than the speed of voice or many times faster than the speed of jetliners.

Speed ​​is slower than ballistic missiles

In computer simulations, scientists noticed that the speed of hypersonic vehicles was slower than ballistic missiles and it also faced difficulty in stopping the weapons coming from far away. Doctor Wright and Doctor Tracy say that these new weapons may increase expectations but it is not revolutionary.

Army giving wrong data to continue the experiment

Scientists have also mentioned the response of Air Force General John E. Highton given in the Senate in the year 2019 in this study. It takes half or even less than a normal missile. Scientists claim that this statement was only because the work on such weapons can be carried forward and the expenditure money can be proved correct.

Work on six hypersonic weapons

The US military is currently working on 6 hypersonic weapons, very little information is available among the people. Dr. Wright says that in the world of physics there are many challenges for such weapons, which raise doubts when they come into existence.