Research: Human cells most suited for corona


Human cells are the most favorable for the coronavirus compared to bats and pangolins. This claim has been made in research to know the origin of the epidemic.

In the study, a team of researchers from Flinders University and La Trobe University used a computer model to find out the ability of the corona to infect humans and 12 animals.

Corona bound most strongly to human cell

In the research, the scientists used genomic data from all animals to create computer models of ACE2 protein receptors for each species. These models then assessed the ability of the spike protein of the corona to bind to the ACE2 protein.

The question arose again from the spread of bats

The results found the corona to be more strongly bound to ACE2 on human cells than other animal species, including bats and pangolins. According to Professor David Winkler of La Trobe University, the strongest spike protein binding in humans suggests that we are more vulnerable to the virus.