Report of fundamentalism in Syria is a matter of grave concern: India


India has said that the rise of hardline ideas in war-torn Syria, new ways of raising funds by IS, reports of external incitement to training and campaigns are a matter of grave concern. India also underlined that political developments cannot be separated from the violation of Syrian sovereignty by external factors.

After the UN Security Council held a closed-door meeting on Syria, Ambassador TS Tirumurthy, India's Permanent Representative to the UN, tweeted that the situation in Syria is dangerous and will fuel terrorism.

Quoting the UN Secretary-General's 12th report on IS's threat to global peace and security, Tirumurthy said, "This report shows that there are 11,000 IS fighters in northwest Syria." There are 11,000 IS fighters in north-eastern Syria, including 5,000 Syrians, 1,700 foreigners and 1,600 Iraqi combatants. While the nationality of 2,500 boys is not known. He said all sides should abide by the responsibility of fighting terrorism.

Libya: Supporting the political process

Supporting the Libyan-led political process, India has called for extensive discussions between all sides. Elections are to be held in the North African country of Libya this year.

Thirumurthy tweeted that India has welcomed the Presidential statement by the UN Security Council for Unified Interim Executive Authority in Libya. "We support the political process in Libya," he said.