Relief : The risk of severe infection and death in children is low, but vigilance is necessary.


Children are feared to be more at risk in the third wave of the corona epidemic. UK scientists have said after a study that children are at low risk of serious illness and death from corona infection, but caution is necessary.

Scientists from University College London, the University of Bristol, the University of York, and the University of Liverpool have also clarified that young people with pre-existing diseases are at higher risk of serious complications due to the infection.

One in 47,903 may need ICU

The study found that 251 children under the age of 18 had to be admitted to the ICU from the first year of the epidemic to February. Accordingly, it is estimated that one in 47,903 young people of this age may need to be admitted to the ICU.

Vaccines should be prioritized

Professor Joseph Ward of University College London says that the policy and priority of vaccination can be decided on the basis of this result. Children with severe diseases need to be vaccinated on priority.

Because the virus can be more dangerous for them. Although the risk of life from the corona is as much as for adults, the rate of infection among children is still low.