Priests taking more money for funerals of those who died from Corona in South Africa


In the troubled times of the Kovid epidemic, some priests have been asking for a price for the funeral of those who died of Corona in South Africa.

According to Pradeep Ramlal, a member of the Durban-based Hindu Religion Association, there are many priests who are charging from 79 to 131 dollars to perform the last rites of a person, which is wrong because conducting the last rites is our service to humanity. It is wrong to fix the price.

Yes, if someone wants to donate to us of their own free will, then there is nothing wrong with that, but in this way, it is not right to ask for money.

He said that the association has received many complaints in this context. A large number of Indians live in Durban and a large number of deaths have occurred here since the second wave of Corona. 647 people died here on Thursday.