Preparing to kill over 1.5 crores 'minks' in Ireland


The Government of Ireland is preparing to crush and kill more than one and a half million 'minks' in the farms. According to Ireland's Ministry of Agriculture, the decision has been taken after fears of mutation of Kovid-19 at Mink Farm in Denmark.

However, in the tests conducted so far, no evidence of Kovid-19 has been found in any mink farm in Ireland. Despite this, the Ministry of Health has said that continuing mink husbandry continues to pose a threat to the new form of coronavirus spreading in Minko.

According to Irish media reports, about one million minks are being reared in the three large mink farms in the country. Let us tell you that mink is a species of beaver. Last week, an employee working at Mink Farms in Denmark was found to be Kovid-19 positive. The investigation found a large variety of Kovid-19 viruses.

After this, it is feared that Kovid-19 has mutated in Minko. Mutations that occur when a virus enters an organism are called mutations. Meanwhile, health authorities in Sweden have claimed that many people working in the mink industry have been found to be Kovid-19 positive.

The administration is now investigating whether the coronavirus strain found in mink is found in humans too? So there are plans to kill more than 15 million Minkos in Ireland to prevent the epidemic. However, there are also protests in Ireland against mink killing on such a large scale.

The agriculture minister, who ordered the mink to be killed, had to resign. The allegations of him issuing orders for all mink farms going out of his jurisdiction to have been proved true. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has claimed that the coronavirus has also been found in the United States, Italy, Netherlands, and Minko of Spain.

Millions of mink are killed every year for fur and fashion

Mink is an organism of boisterous species. Minks living on land and in water are slightly smaller than otters. Mink is a species originally found in North America and Europe. American mink has been farming for a long time.

Millions of minks are killed each year for fur and fashion, despite protests from animal lovers. In Denmark, with a population of 5.8 million, three times more mink are reared than humans. Denmark is the largest exporter of mink in the world. The news coming from Denmark, Sweden, and Ireland has upset the mink parents of America, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain.