Posters of Wing Commander Abhinandan and PM Modi on the streets of Pakistan, told traitor their own leader


Abhinandan Vardhaman, the mighty pilot wing commander of the Indian Air Force, is once again the subject of discussion in Pakistan. Several posters of him and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are being seen on the streets of Lahore. Through these posters, Ayaz Sadiq, the leader of Nawaz Sharif's party Pakistan Muslim League, has been targeted.

In many posters, Ayaz Sadiq has been compared to Mir Jafar, describing him as a traitor to the community. It is worth mentioning that Ayaz Sadiq had exposed the Imran Khan government in the Pakistani Parliament regarding the release of Abhinandan.

These posters along the roads of Ayaz Sadiq's constituency Lahore have deliberately placed pictures of Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhman and PM Modi. In it, Ayaz Sadiq, the leader of the PML-N party in Urdu has been described as a traitor. Some of the posters portray Sadiq as Vardhaman. He has also been described as pro-India in many posters.

There are protests against Ayaz Sadiq all over Pakistan. The ministers of Imran's government have sat openly against him. Pakistan's Interior Minister (Interior Minister) Ejaz Ahmad Shah said during a public meeting that Ayaz Sadiq should go to India. He said that what he has said against his army in Parliament, he should go to Amritsar.

Sadiq said- 'I know many more secrets'

Pakistani MP Ayaz Sadiq, who has given a big statement regarding the release of Abhinandan Vardhman, says that he is aware of many important secrets, but he never made an irresponsible statement. Sadiq, the PML-N leader and former speaker of the National Assembly, told Dawn News that he was firm on his statement but did not give any information about what happened after Abhinandan Vardhaman was detained.

Pakistan's poll was revealed regarding Abhinandan's release

Let me tell you that Ayaz Sadiq made a big disclosure on Saturday on India's tough stand regarding the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhaman in March 2019. Sadiq had said in Pakistan's National Assembly that India was ready to attack Pakistan if Abhinandan was not released. This revelation by Sadiq may bring a new storm in the politics of Pakistan. Sadiq's statement also points to the ongoing tension and controversy in the Imran Khan government.

Sadiq had said in Parliament that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had asked for the release of the reception in a meeting with parliamentary leaders including PPP, PML-N, and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. At that time, the opposition had promised to support the government on all issues including Abhinandan. Sadiq had said that the Foreign Minister had said in this important meeting that if Pakistan does not leave the greeting, then India is going to attack Pakistan by nine o'clock.