Portugal: Marcello Rebelo Re-elected as President, Received More Than 60 Percent Votes


In Portugal's general election, Liberal outgoing president Marcello Rebelo de Souza has once again been elected president for five years. Souza is considered to be Portugal's moderate-right liberal leader.

He has currently received more than 61.5 percent of the vote. Explain that to win elections in Portugal, a candidate has to get more than 50 percent of the votes. In Portugal, although the head of the nation does not have legislative powers, he has an influential role in running the country, whereas parliament and government only have legislative powers.

Souza (72) was considered to be at the forefront of seven candidates for the presidential race. Famous television personality Souza has consistently remained the choice of 60 percent or more people. However, the percentage of turnout has been recorded due to the Coronavirus epidemic. The officials had increased the number of polling stations and increased the polling hours so that the crowd does not gather