Pompeo spoke about Chinese aggression on LAC: This is the part of Chinese behavior


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday that China had increased its forces along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with India and continued efforts to expand militarily in several locations. Last month, China deployed a large number of its troops to four points in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh sector and the Pangong Tso area. This was the biggest confrontation between the two countries after the Doklam episode in 2017.

In the 'What the Hell Is Going on in the World' podcast, Pompeo told Mark Thiessen and Daniel Pletka, "We see that even today the growing forces of China have moved northward towards India towards the LAC on the Indian border." These are the kinds of actions that authoritarian regimes have and that have a real effect. ”He also mentioned Hong Kong and said that America has a responsibility.

He said that it would be ensured that the American people were better served under the foreign policy. In response to a question, Pompeo said that Chinese action on the Indian border or Hong Kong or the South China Sea has been part of Chinese behavior in recent times.

The US official said, "It is not just the last six months. We have seen in the last few years Chinese increases in military capabilities and then continuous aggressive action. I mentioned India. Of the South China Sea. We have seen that through the China Belt and Road Initiative, they are doing construction work at ports around the world to move the People's Liberation Army, Navy. We have seen their continued efforts for military expansion. '

He said that America has not reacted to these things for the last 20 years. Pompeo said, "We have recognized 1.5 billion people in the Chinese market as important to the US economy." China responds to us by favoring some other nations. I think people have become very concerned that we are taking the same action on all those countries that behave like China. '