Pompeo arrives in Vietnam in the final stop of the Asia tour!


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Vietnam at the last stop of the tour of Asia before the presidential election in the US. China is the main issue of presidential elections in America. Pompeo arrived in Hanoi on Friday. He arrived here on the occasion of completing 25 years of US-Vietnam relations.

Earlier in the Asia tour, Pompeo visited India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Indonesia. Like these stops, Vietnam's Trump opposition is expected to underline the Trump administration's China opposition, its ways of dealing with the Coronavirus epidemic, its record of human rights, and its aggression towards small neighboring countries.

In a statement issued before Pompeo arrived in Vietnam, the State Department attacked China for turning back on its promises of cooperation and aggressively asserting its claims in the South China Sea. It said that millions of people were being affected by the "malicious ã € activities that tried to destabilize China's Mekong region." Pompeo visited Indonesia before coming to Vietnam.