Plight in Afghanistan : People suffering from hunger selling household items, the limit of withdrawal of money increased further


One month has passed since the withdrawal of the Taliban in Afghanistan. With this, life has started deteriorating there. After the end of the means of earning, people are forced to sell household items on the streets to run the family and feed the children.

On the streets of Kabul's Chaman-e-Hazoori, people are selling their wealth and property, which they bought with their hard work and blood and sweat in the last twenty years. On the road, not only beds, mattresses, pillows, fridges, TVs, washing machines, fans, ACs, coolers, and kitchen items along with other items related to daily life are being sold at the cost of a penny. Due to the reduction or closure of funds issued by the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Central Bank of America, the situation has started to become of starvation. Banks are open, but they do not have cash. ATM machines are lying vacant. The money that people had saved for the crisis situation, they are not getting it in bad conditions. As a result, people are selling household items to fill their stomachs.

Better to sell stuff to fill the stomach

Shukla, who is selling his household items on the streets of Kabul, says there are 33 people in the family. Money is deposited in the bank but not getting it. The prices of flour, pulses, rice have increased manifold. In such a situation, there is no other option than to sell household items to feed 33 people. If life is saved, then we will buy it, but loved ones are not seen suffering due to hunger.

Difficulty increased by a limit on withdrawal of money

There are some banks open in Afghanistan where people are withdrawing their money but here also there is a withdrawal limit. Only 16 thousand rupees can be withdrawn from a bank account in seven days. Hundreds of women and men queue up outside Afghanistan's national bank to withdraw money. People say that they need a huge amount for treatment but banks are not giving more than the fixed amount.

97 percent of people will be below the poverty line by next year

The United Nations had said in a report released recently that before the end of the year 2022, 97 percent of the population of Afghanistan will go below the poverty line. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that Afghanistan is on the verge of a complete split due to various problems. Timely help is necessary to save the population of more than one crore from starvation.

Ex-serviceman's pain... had not thought, there would be such a situation

Afghan army soldier Abdullah is forced to run a handcart to run the family's expenses. They say that I never expected what I was doing. I wanted to work for my country but now I am running a wheelbarrow in the dust and dirt on the road to feed eight children and other family members. There is a fear that if the labor does not stop, then you will have to die of hunger.

Women's front continues against the increasing barbarism of the terrorist government

Incidents of harassment and cruelty against women are increasing in Afghanistan. But, despite the serious threat from the Taliban, women are continuously demonstrating for rights in many cities. On Saturday, in Kabul, the Taliban attacked Fahima Rahmati, the operator of the Hope Foundation, and abducted her family. According to the news of Pajok Afghan, five men of his family have been abducted by the Taliban, including two of his brothers, a relative, and a neighbor. At the same time, Kandahar's intelligence chief Rahmatullah Naraiwal alleged that former Afghan NDS officers were present in Rahmati's house. However, Rahmati has denied these allegations. agency

The entire country in Taliban captivity

A day earlier, human rights activist Habibullah Farzad was badly beaten up for participating in the protest. Violence against these activists has become commonplace. The presence of Taliban fighters standing at gunpoint makes it seem as if the entire country has been taken, prisoner. The protesting women were chased away with whips and sticks, while the Taliban continued to say they supported peaceful demonstrations.