Photos: Israel never had anything, How Superpower was made in 73 years


Israel is celebrating the 73rd anniversary of its independence and establishment today. Israel and India got independence only at short intervals. Its area will be less than even states like Haryana or Manipur, but even today, it is not only completely self-sufficient but also a superpower. The story of Israel reaching here also allows learning a lot.

Before the First World War, Palestine was a district of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire suffered defeat from Britain and its allies in the First World War. After this, he came under the control of Britain. However, it was a very complicated situation. The Arabs lived in this area, and for a long time, the Jews claimed their claim on this area on historical grounds and wanted to stay here.

The Jews said that they had a historical and religious connection with this area for thousands of years. In the early 20th century, thousands of Jews from all over the world started coming to this area before they became Israel. This was a time when the Jews had to suffer in Europe and Russia. When the Nazis persecuted the Jews in the 40s, they emigrated from Germany to this region on a large scale.

After the second world war, Britain decided that now the United Nations should decide what to do on Palestinian territory. By now the Jews were loudly demanding to make this area their nation. The United Nations suggested dividing Palestine into two countries. One for Arabs and the other for Jews. The Arabs rejected it, but the Jewish leaders accepted Israel's proposal and proclaimed Israel. America immediately recognized Israel.

This was followed by war. But eventually, as a country, Israel was recognized internationally. Although it was not so easy. Israel is located at the end of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Its southern end is as far as the Red Sea. In the west, it appears from Egypt and in the east from Jordan. Lebanon is to its north and Syria is to its north-east.

The Israeli population is around 85 million. There was neither much mineral wealth nor fertile soil here. Neither oil nor favorable conditions, but the way the Jews changed this country and gradually made it better in every field, its example is given all over the world. Whether it is about agriculture or science research or military capability - Israel has tremendously impressed everyone.

When Israel tried to sell oranges, kerosene stoves, and fake teeth in America, it was said in the world that this country would never be able to stand on its own feet. But today it is a high-tech superpower. Sells most modern weapons. He holds many patents for the world's medicines. He is far ahead in all kinds of research, he spends 4.5 percent of his GDP on research. He designed such a system in every sector in his country, which is considered to be an example.

Every citizen in Israel needs to serve in the military. Whether women or men - he has to serve in the army. Almost all the leaders and prime ministers of Israel came to power only after working in the army. That is why they always paid attention to the strategic power of Israel. The countries of the west consider Israel as the safest country in the Middle East.

In 1989, Israel launched the first spy satellite into space. With this, he joined a special group of eight countries, which can launch satellites independently. Initially, it was being said that Israelis could hardly join this club. Now it has gone far ahead in the matter of satellite launch. It is said that there is no response to Israeli spy satellites around the world.

At present, Israel has developed tanks, military systems, missiles, and fighter aircraft, which are in demand worldwide. Even India buys a large number of military equipment from it. The equipment that he manufactures in the medical sector is also unmatched. The economy of Israel, Hong Kong, and South Korea is considered to be the most stable in the world. This is said to be based on a zero inflation rate and a huge reduction in unemployment. Israel has a total GDP of $ 318.7 billion. Economic growth rate around 04 percent.

Israel also developed nuclear weapons in the 70s. According to the latest report by the Arms Control Association, a Washington-based organization, Israel has a total of 80 nuclear weapons. Now the whole world believes it's iron in a technology capacity.