Petrol is being available in 2,4 and 10 rupees liter in these countries!


Petrol diesel prices are constantly skyrocketing. In many states, the figure for petrol 100 has been touched. In Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, the price has reached above 100 rupees. But today we are going to tell you about the countries where petrol prices are 2 rupees, 4 rupees, and 10 rupees.

According to the website, the price of petrol in the Latin American country of Venezuela on February 22, according to the Indian currency, was around 1 rupee 45 paise.

After this, the name comes from Iran. The price of petrol in Iran is 4 rupees 39 paise.

The cheapest petrol available in these countries is

Angola, after Venezuela and Iran, where petrol is being sold at Rs 17.77 per liter. Algeria (Rs 25.032), Kuwait (Rs 25.133), Sudan (Rs 27.407), Kazakhstan (Rs 29.657), Qatar (Rs 29.825), Turkmenistan (Rs 31.084), Nigeria (Rs 31.568).