Pakistan: Woman leader close to Imran caught opposition MP's collar in a TV show, slapped, see photos


During the debates on news channels across the world, heated debates among panelists have become commonplace, but whatever happens in Pakistan is less. There was a debate in the live show on the news channel in Pakistan, but then the ruling leader got angry and what was the matter, he slapped the opposition leader in the live show itself. The video of this fight in TV debate is becoming fiercely viral on social media. The people of Pakistan themselves are criticizing it.

A political issue was being debated on a private channel in Pakistan. Leaders of the ruling and opposition parties were present in it. During the debate, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Assistant (Information) to the Chief Minister of Punjab, who was present there, got into a tussle with opposition PPP MNA MP Qadir Mandokhel. The argument between the two became so much that Dr. Firdous not only abused Qadir but also slapped him. Soon this video clip went viral on social media.

The debate that started with corruption ended on the fight

There was a debate between the two leaders on the issue of corruption and during this time Qadir made many allegations of corruption against Firdous's party and leaders. Paradise was uprooted by this. In a video clip circulated on social media, Dr. Firdous, leader of Imran Khan's party PTI, is seen abusing opposition leader Mandokhel and moments later, slapping him on the cheek. The matter got so bad there the people present in the studio caught both of them and separated them. The incident happened during the recording of Javed Chaudhary's show.

People enjoyed it, said - good performance, this is new Pakistan

After the video went viral, Firdous Aashiq Awan has not yet reacted to the incident. At the same time, people are taking chatter about this incident. One Twitter user wrote, "Great performance! Neither is less of the two. One is a doctor, the other is a Ph.D. holder. While another user wrote, 'This is Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan.'