Pakistan was exposed, became a haven for the Taliban and other terrorists, another truth came to the fore


Another truth of the nexus of Pakistan and terrorism has been exposed. However, Pakistan has been lying to the world from the beginning that it does not provide any help to the Taliban and any other terrorist organizations. The face of Pakistan has once again been exposed regarding the Taliban. After the withdrawal of American troops from Kabul, the truth about the relationship between Pakistan and the Taliban began to unfold one by one. In this sequence, another truth of the Taliban and Pakistan relationship has come to the fore. Abdul Ghani Baradar, who is ranked number two in the Taliban and recently declared Deputy Prime Minister, has been reported to have a Pakistani passport and a National Identity Card. Not only this, but the photo of Baradar's passport is also available.

ID card made based on the fake name

In this, he has taken the help of a fake name by hiding his real identity. Its ID number is also of Pakistan. In the passport issued to Pakistan, the name of Mulla Baradar is recorded as Mohammad Arif Agha and the name of his father is Syed Nazir Agha. The shocking thing is that the photo in this passport and ID is equal. It is believed that Pakistan intelligence agency ISI has helped him in creating this ID. A news agency in Afghanistan published a report in this regard. It was told that Baradar, who is called number two in the Taliban, has a Pakistani passport and a Pakistani identity card.

Baradar's passport-id card goes viral

This news of Khama News is going viral on social media. In this, the passport-id cards of Baradar are going viral. This news agency claims that then these documents were leaked by Afghanistan's intelligence agency NDS. After the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, this matter is once again gaining momentum. This ID was issued on July 10, 2014. In this, the birth of Baradar has been mentioned as 1963. It is signed by the Registrar General of Pakistan. It is worth noting that this ID card and passport are issued on the same day. However, technically this process takes a few days.

Quetta Shura's claims turned out to be true

Before the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, Afghan governments have always said that all the top leaders of the Taliban have taken refuge in Pakistan. Taliban leaders sitting in Quetta instigate violence in Afghanistan. The group of these leaders is called 'Quetta Shura' i.e. Committee of Quetta. However, Pakistan has been denying these allegations. Taliban leader Hibtullah Akhundzada and some other leaders also took refuge in Pakistan for a long time. After the withdrawal of American troops, all have returned from Pakistan to Afghanistan. The families of these Taliban leaders are also taking refuge in Pakistan. Baradar was also arrested in Karachi in 2010 but was later quietly released by the army.