Pakistan's silence on China's atrocities, dragon demolishes 65 percent of mosques


The point of persecution of Muslims in China is not hidden from anyone. Muslims are being killed and mosques are being demolished in China. The world knows how good friends China and Pakistan are, even then China is not deterred from persecuting Muslims and Pakistan is silent on this.

China has steadily destroyed mosque domes all over large cities, towns, and small villages for many years. According to a news report, about 65 percent of the mosques from China have been destroyed. Constantly destroying in different cities and provinces.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has revealed that since 2017, the work of destroying mosques in China is progressing at a rapid pace, with 65 percent of mosques being completely destroyed by China. Along with this, Uygar scholars also disappeared after 2017, which has not been ascertained to date.

Albania historian revealed China's poll, told the reality of the camps

Referring to his visit to Xinjiang in 2019, Jazji said, apart from brainwashing and imprisonment, Ungar Muslims are being massed separately by Han Chinese. It aims to change the demographics of the Muslim-majority province. When I was in Xinjiang I saw what the Chinese do to Muslims. I told them that there is no difference between the Taliban, Al Qaeda. They are doing what these organizations do to non-Muslims. Olci explained that the intention of the Chinese government is to convert Uygar Muslims to Confucianism and Buddhist culture.