Pakistan's Red Fort, which looks like ruins, was completed in 87 years.


The flag is hoisted at the Red Fort on Independence Day in Delhi, the country's capital, which is also included in UNESCO World Heritage. But do you know that there is also a Red Fort in Pakistan which took 87 years to build? However, the Red Fort in Pakistan has now become like ruins. This Red Fort of Pakistan is located in Muzaffarabad, three hours away from Islamabad. It is also known as Muzaffarabad Fort and Rutta Fort. Actually, the Chak rulers started building this fort to avoid the Mughals.

The construction of this fort started in the year 1559. But the Mughals captured it in 1587, after which the construction of the fort started at a turtle pace. Eventually, the fort was completely completed in 1646. At that time it was ruled by Sultan Muzaffar Khan of the princely state of Bomba, who settled Muzaffarabad.

The fort was rebuilt in the year 1846. At that time Maharaja Gulab Singh of the Dogra dynasty ruled here. The army of the Dogra dynasty used this fort till the year 1926. He then left and left, after which the fort was deserted.

This fort is surrounded on three sides by the Sapphire River. Pakistan largely ignored it, due to which the fort remained deserted, at the same time it turned into ruins. Now, this fort looks like a ruin.