Pakistan's brave women commandos, who will catch the criminals by skating


Women commandos can now be seen skating in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi. However, this skating is not done for any amateur or sport but to catch criminals. These women commandos would roam the streets of Karachi wearing skates on their feet and would catch them if any suspects understood.

Karachi city of Pakistan with a population of around 15 million is not only the center of trade and business, but this part of Pakistan also generates the highest revenue in the country. But one aspect of this city is that together it has become the hub of crime, where the world's most wanted criminals are connected.

Pakistan has done such experiments in the past regarding women's commandos. When the Chinese consulate in Karachi was attacked by extremists in 2018, a woman commando named Suhai Aziz Talpur showed her bravery in the manner in which she was brave. Suhai Aziz emerged as a strong face of women.

The history of women joining forces in Pakistan is very old. According to data released in 2010 by the Human Rights Commission here, in 1939, seven women constables first participated in an operation in the Punjab province of Pakistan. After this, in 1952, this number crossed 25. However, the appointment of women in the Anti-Terrorism Squad began much later than November 2014.

The training of women for the anti-terrorism squad is also similar to that of men. Women are also trained to carry rifles, to operate grenades, and to thwart terrorist conspiracies in dangerous areas. The motto line of women's anti-terrorism squad in Pakistan is - Respect us, fear us, respect us, fear us.