Pakistan PM Imran Khan gets so much salary! Click here to know more about him


The situation in Pakistan may not be right, but Pakistan PM Imran Khan lives a very comfortable life. They say that my salary is very low, but today we are going to give you information about how much salary Imran Khan gets and we will also give you information about his bungalow in Alisha Banigala.

This is Imran Khan's luxurious bungalow

Imran Khan does not live in a government bungalow, instead he lives in his own house which is in Banigala. This house of his is spread over 50 acres and has all types of ash comfortably. There are also servants to do their work here. This house is very attractive and also equipped with facilities. It has gardens, tennis courts, swimming pools, cricket grounds and more and is worth around 70 crores.

Other houses and lands

He has a house of around 3.0 crore in Jaman Park in Lahore and has invested Rs 4.0 crore in a variety of businesses. There is an agricultural land of 30 canals in Talhar near Islamabad. He also has 530 canals of extensive agricultural land in Khanewal. He has got 363 canals of cultivated land in his heritage as well.

Imran Khan's salary

By the way, Emraan claims that his salary is very low but according to a leaked slip, it shows that his salary is 201,574. After deducting tax of about 4000 rupees, he gets 196,979 rupees as salary.