Pakistan made Taliban powerful in Afghanistan- US Senator


Pakistan is full of the Taliban. Pakistan has strengthened the Taliban by giving them leeway. This was stated by US Senator Jack Reid on September 11, a day after the decision to withdraw the US Army. Senator Jack Reid, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the biggest reason for the Taliban's success was that the US could not end its sanctuaries in Pakistan. Based on a new study, Reid said that the Taliban has been steadily increasing its strength by keeping in touch with the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence department.

The US has also made a big mistake by not paying attention to the Taliban's safe sanctuary. The Taliban continued to use all such means of Pakistan, which proved to be helpful for it. The Taliban used Pakistan's air services and other basic services. He also got help in money laundering.

America will put pressure on Pakistan

The United States will keep constant pressure on Pakistan to pursue peace in Afghanistan through its diplomatic efforts. In the end, the country affected by violence will also directly affect Pakistan. This information was given by CIA director William Vern to the Senate committee. The committee was negotiating relations between Pak and Taliban.