Pakistan: Journalist from Afghanistan slams Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Indian issues


The interview given by Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to Afghanistan's news channel Tolo News is in the news. Due to this interview, he is being criticized all around as well as he is being trolled on social media. This interview has been taken by Lotfullah Najafizada, head of Tolo News.

Tolo News has shared several video clips of it on Twitter. The Pakistani Foreign Minister was seen getting stuck in answering many questions. In this interview, Qureshi also raised questions on India's presence in Afghanistan.

Tolo News asked Qureshi that how many consulates does India has in Afghanistan? To this Qureshi said, 'Officially there are four but unofficially how many are there, you will tell. I think Afghanistan doesn't have a border with India. Obviously, Afghanistan is related to India as a sovereign nation.

“Both countries have bilateral relations. It is your right to have bilateral relations with India. There is also trade between the two countries and we have no problem with that. But I think India's presence in Afghanistan is more than it should be because there is no border between the two countries.

Lotfullah asked whether India's presence bothers you? On this, Qureshi said that if the land of Afghanistan is used against Pakistan, then it is a problem. Tolo News asked if India had done this, then Qureshi started laughing.

Pakistani foreign minister caught in questions

Qureshi looked uncomfortable on a question from Lotfullah. Lotfullah asked whether Taliban leaders Haibatullah Akhundzada, Mullah Yakub or Sirajuddin Haqqani are not in Pakistan? To this Qureshi said, 'You ask your government. You keep making allegations.'

Interrupting Qureshi, Lotfullah said, "Last month, Taliban leader Sheikh Abdul Hakim had come to Afghanistan to talk to their leaders. He had publicly said that he had come from Pakistan.

To this Qureshi smiled and said that he had not contacted, so he did not know. Qureshi said that the Taliban also wants peace in Afghanistan. On this Lotfullah asked that how do you know that the Taliban wants peace?

Qureshi said that he has been talking to them, 'I cannot participate in the talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government.'

To this, Lotfullah said that no such talks have taken place. Qureshi could not give any concrete answer to this and said that Afghanistan cannot face another civil war again.

Lotfullah asked whether the Durand Line (the border separating Pakistan and Afghanistan) should be treated as an international border? In response to this question, Qureshi said, 'If you want to move forward and have a sense of coexistence like a good neighbor, then the Durand Line should be accepted as an international border.'

Tolo News asked whether you will talk to the administration of Afghanistan about this? To this Qureshi said, 'I believe that you may not accept it under the compulsion of domestic politics, but this is the limit. And I believe the Durand Line is the international border. There is no need for any discussion on this.

Pakistan defends Taliban over violence in Afghanistan

In the interview, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said, "If you are trying to again create the impression that the violence is increasing because of the Taliban, that would be an exaggeration." Why am I saying this? Aren't there other elements that are playing the role of spoiling the situation? Forces like ISIS are within Afghanistan. They benefit in the event of war and they want to increase their strength. Qureshi rejected the idea of ​​sheltering Taliban leaders in Pakistan and said that most of their leaders are in Afghanistan.

Taliban and Pakistan friendship

As long as the Taliban remained dominant in Afghanistan, its intervention was considerable, but after the 9/11 attacks, the situation changed and an elected government came in Afghanistan. After the coming of the elected government, Pakistan's position in Afghanistan weakened and it reduced India's presence. Has been raising questions. Pakistan has been accused by the government of Afghanistan of promoting terrorists.

Last month, the Pakistani Foreign Minister had strongly objected to the comments of Hamdullah Mohib, the National Security Advisor of Afghanistan. Qureshi had even said that his blood was boiling. Mohib has been accusing Pakistan of spreading instability in Afghanistan.

America is going to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. The US President has announced that all American troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan on September 11. September 11 is the anniversary of the al-Qaeda attack in America.

American and British forces are leaving Afghanistan after living here for twenty years. In April, US President Biden announced that the remaining 2,500–3,500 US troops would withdraw by September 11. Britain is also withdrawing its remaining 750 soldiers.

The US believes that it was Al Qaeda that carried out the 9/11 attacks on it from the soil of Afghanistan. After that, under the leadership of America, the Taliban was removed from power in a planned manner and al-Qaeda was temporarily thrown out.

What is Durand Line?

Afghanistan does not recognize the Durand Line as an international border. Afghanistan has been claiming the border with Pakistan and some areas up to the Indus River.

The border dispute between Afghanistan and Pakistan has its roots since the 19th century. The British government drew a 2,640-km borderline with Afghanistan in 1893 to consolidate control over the northern parts of India. This agreement was signed in Kabul between the then Foreign Secretary of British India Sir Mortimer Durand and Amir Abdur Rahman Khan. This line is called Durand Line. It passes through the Pashtun area.